A customer has all his products in an excel format, how would you help upload them onto his/her store?

January 25, 2023

A customer can upload their products which are in an excel format by 

  • Logging in to their store backend with their credentials 
  • Once logged in at the far left they click on the Products Tab
  • On the Products Page they click on the Bulk Import Button then click on the Choose File button which will take them to their computer files. 
  • They then need to attach their excel file and click the Import Button. The products will be automatically uploaded and will appear on the Products Page 

You can download an example of how the Products should be arranged in the excel sheet for importing.  Download Here

The minimum columns we need from a customer in order to bulk import their products are; 

  • Product title
  • Product Price
  • Product description 

The rest can be auto generated e.g. 

  • QTY can be set to any number 
  • SKU we can generate our own unique code 
  • Long / short description can be deduced from the supplied description 

Kindly note that the excel file should be saved as e.g. name.csv